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Should I Invest £1,000 In SSE Shares In 2023?

With energy prices surging, is a £1,000 investment into SSE shares wise? Saima Naveed explores if the energy company is a good investment.

by | Last updated 27 Aug, 2023 | Utilities

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SSE Plc (LSE:SSE) shares have proven to be a popular refuge from the volatility in the stock market this year. The stock price closed at 1,712p at the end of 2022, delivering a 3.8% gain for shareholders.

Initially, the stock picked up a bullish trend in the year 2023. After peaking at 1,889.5p, the stock has reversed its course. Overall, the stock has declined by 7.4% to date.

What could be the course of SSE shares moving forward? And should I be considering this business for my portfolio today?

What does SSE do?

With more than 40 years under its belt, SSE supplies energy to over seven million customers. That makes it the third-largest supplier of electricity and gas in the United Kingdom.

With a multi-decade history of operating within the energy sector, SSE has quite the size advantage over its smaller competitors. Its portfolio of energy assets, including electricity networks, renewables, generation, and storage, grants a high level of consistency within its top-line earnings.

The company was formerly known as Scottish & Southern Energy Plc. But in September 2011, the group changed its name to the much shorter SSE.

The group has been actively responding to the European Energy crisis. Sky-high energy prices have put tremendous pressure on households. Yet since the demand for electricity hasn’t faltered, the company’s bottom line has unsurprisingly exploded, even with the regulatory energy price cap.

Government intervention, such as a windfall tax, does pose a potential threat to SSE shares. But management has announced that the proceeds are being reinvested directly into British energy infrastructure such as renewables and battery storage.

Apart from granting extra capacity to generate revenue in the future, the reduced dependence on external partners could also reduce the severity of the existing and future energy crises.

That certainly sounds like a morally encouraging investment opportunity. But does the firm have the financials to back this strategy?

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Company financials

The shift towards renewables does make the revenue stream more susceptible to unpredictable weather patterns. However, ramped-up investments in battery storage technologies should not only keep the lights on but the cash flow moving in SSE’s direction.

SSE is updating its expectations for full-year 2022/23 adjusted earnings per share to more than 160p1. This reflects the strength and stability of SSE’s balanced mix of regulated and market-facing businesses and the continued narrowing of the range of probable financial outcomes for the period. Yet investors weren’t too thrilled by this announcement, with SSE shares taking a small hit. After all, this is slightly below the 241.6p delivered a year prior

The company’s balance sheet continues to strengthen, with adjusted net debt and hybrid capital expected to be below £9bn on 31 March 2023. Since most of the group’s loan obligations are on fixed-rate terms, I believe rising interest rates shouldn’t have much of an impact on profit margins.

It’s also worth mentioning that the electricity company continues to deliver growth through its fully-funded £12.5bn Net Zero Acceleration Programme. Moreover, the firm plans include a growth-enabling, rebased dividend from 2023/24 onwards. Providing this is successful, SSE shares could become a popular stock pick for many income investors in the future.

Should I buy SSE shares?

After studying the future prospects of this business, I’m cautiously optimistic about the future performance of the SSE share price. And it appears I’m not the only one.

Looking at broker forecasts, the stock has an average 12-month price target of 1,962p. The majority of the analysts have placed a “buy” recommendation on the SSE shares. Of course, there are still some analysts unsure about the state of the energy sector.

Considering the business is trading at a seemingly cheap price-to-earnings PE ratio of 6, I’m not surprised by this bullish sentiment. And while there are some noteworthy threats for SSE to contend with, I believe the long-term rewards warrant this level of risk. That’s why, if I had £1,000 today, I’d consider SSE shares for my portfolio.

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