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Our Investing Philosophy: Be an Owner, not a Trader!

We encourage all shareholders to adopt a long-term, ownership mentality. When you buy shares, you’re buying a piece of a business, not a stock ticker. Companies need time to grow, and during that time, there is plenty that can go wrong. That’s why we believe it’s so important to understand where you are putting your hard-earned capital.

Informed investors know what the threats are, the probabilities of success, and the competitive advantages over rival firms. With a strong understanding of the underlying business, you are empowered to make smarter investment decisions that build your wealth.

Our Founders

Portrait of Zaven Boyrazian MSc

Zaven Boyrazian MSc


Zaven has worked in several industries throughout his career from aircraft factories to game development studios. He has been actively investing in the stock market for the better part of a decade, managing over $1 million across multiple portfolios.

Specializing in corporate valuation, Zaven employs a modern take on the principles set out by Benjamin Graham to find new opportunities at fair prices. Outside The Money Cog, Zaven is a director at the software development company, Gajatix Studios, and publishes free investing articles for The Motley Fool UK.

Portrait of Imran Dean CFA

Imran Dean CFA


Imran has spent the last seven years working in the investment industry across both public and private markets. Using multiple investment instruments, he has helped to manage over $100 million in client assets.

In 2019, Imran became a revered member of the CFA Institute. He focuses on identifying high-growth opportunities with a solid understanding of business fundamentals and operational drivers. Outside The Money Cog, Imran is an associate at a family office and also a co-founder of an agrotechnology and circular economy online media group.

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