UK & US Stock Market Holidays: 2023 to 2025

Stock market holidays occur throughout the year and investors need to consider them when designing an investment strategy.

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Every year there are a few holidays in the United States and the United Kingdom when the stock market is closed for trading beyond just the weekends. That means trading on the London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and Nasdaq Exchange is put on pause. Holidays can last for an entire day or only part of one. It ultimately depends on the exchange.

While there are some similarities, stock market holidays in the US and UK are slightly different.

What are the rules for stock market holidays?

For traders, stock market holidays need to be taken into consideration, especially when investing in short-term securities that can be volatile. For long-term buy-and-hold investors, it’s less of a concern. But it may still have an impact on an investment strategy.

Fortunately, trading holidays are scheduled well in advance, giving investors plenty of time to factor them in. And usually, they only occur on significant national holidays, allowing individuals to take part in the celebrations without having to worry about their portfolios.

If a scheduled holiday falls on the weekend, then the Friday before or the Monday after will be the day when the stock market gets a break. And in some situations, the day before a stock market holiday will only be open for trading for half the day.

What days are the stock markets closed for a holiday from 2022 to 2025?

The table below outlines the currently scheduled stock market holidays across 2022, 2023, 2024, and 2025.

Holiday2022202320242025Stock Markets
New Year Day3 January2 January1 January1 JanuaryNYSE, NASDAQ, LSE
Martin Luther King Jr Day17 January16 January15 January20 JanuaryNYSE and NASDAQ
Washington Day21 February20 February19 February17 FebruaryNYSE and NASDAQ
Good Friday15 April7 April29 March18 AprilLSE, NYSE and NASDAQ
Easter Monday 18 April10 April1 April21 AprilLSE
Early May Bank Holiday1 May29 May27 May26 MayLSE
Late May Bank Holiday2 June29 May27 May26 MayLSE
Memorial Day30 May29 May27 May26 MayNYSE and NASDAQ
Juneteenth National Independence Day19 June19 June19 June19 JuneNYSE and NASDAQ
Independence Day4 July4 July4 July4 JulyNYSE and NASDAQ
Summer Bank Holiday29 August28 August26 August25 AugustLSE
Labour Day4 September4 September2 September1 SeptemberNYSE and NASDAQ
Thanksgiving Day24 November23 November28 November27 NovemberNYSE and NASDAQ
Christmas Day25 December25 December25 December25 DecemberLSE, NYSE and NASDAQ
Boxing Day26 December26 December26 December26 DecemberLSE
Sources: London Stock Exchange Business Days, NYSE Holidays & Trading Hours

When does the stock market normally open or close?

The open trading hours of stock exchanges vary from country to country. In the United Kingdom, the London Stock Exchange opens at 8.00 am and closes at 4.30 pm (GMT) Monday through Friday.

On the other hand, on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, trading hours are 9.30 am through 4.00 pm (ET), Monday to Friday. In British time, these opening hours are 2.30 pm through 9.00 pm.

However, stock transactions can still be carried out before the opening bell and after the closing bell by using Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs). These are effectively an alternative trading method compared to using a broker, where buyers and sellers can be matched directly even if the main stock market exchanges are closed.

ECNs allow investors to react to pre-market or after-market news. However, these platforms can be complex and more costly to execute orders, making it more challenging to calculate a break-even point.


Is the stock market open between Christmas and New Year’s?

The stock market is closed on Christmas and New year’s day. Where these days fall on weekends, the next trading day is declared as a stock market holiday to mark the day. In addition, the London Stock Exchange is closed on the 26 December to celebrate boxing day.

Is the stock market open on Easter Monday?

The London Stock Exchange is closed on Easter Monday. However, the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are open as usual. 

Is the stock market open on Black Friday?

The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are open on Black Friday. However, they often close earlier than the usual 4.00 pm closing time. The London Stock Exchange is open as usual.

On which holiday is the US stock market closed?

The US stock market is closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • Washington Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth National Independence Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

On which holiday is the US stock exchange’s shortened day?

The US stock exchange closes early on the following days:

  • The day before Independence Day
  • The day after Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve

On which holiday is the UK stock market closed? 

The UK stock market is closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Bank Holidays
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

On which holiday is the UK stock exchange’s shortened day?

The UK stock exchanges close earlier than the regular close time on the following days:

  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve

The bottom line

Investors need to be aware of upcoming stock market holidays to ensure their investment strategies won’t be interrupted by unexpected surprises. It’s less of a concern for long-term investors. But active daily traders need to pay close attention to make sure they don’t end up holding volatile short-term securities longer than expected.

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