The Business Model – How does it work?

Shopify is a leading e-commerce company. Its platform enables businesses and entrepreneurs to launch an online storefront without all the headaches of traditional systems. Website design, branding, payment processing, order fulfilment, data analytics, and marketing can all be built and managed from a single dashboard, with no coding or web development skills required.

Beyond its core offerings, Shopify nurtures an ecosystem of 6,000 third-party apps that extends the base functionality of its platform. And it also provides a wide range of merchant solutions. These include email marketing, mobile point-of-sale, buy-now-pay-later, product shipping, and capital lending.

Today, Shopify powers over 1.75 million merchants across 175 countries worldwide.

Analyst:Zaven Boyrazian
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Last Updated:18th Oct 2021
Date Added:18th Oct 2021
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