The Business Model – How does it work?

MasterCard is a global electronic payment-processing company that enables consumers, businesses, governments to move money around safely and quickly.

The MasterCard name and brand has become synonyms with payments as there are over 2.17bn cardholders around the world that have steadily been increasing year on year.

Its payment system is based on a “four-party” model. A cardholder makes a purchase from a merchant, the card issuer authorises the payment and sends it onto the merchant’s account where their bank makes the funds available for use. At the centre of this process stands Mastercard. It authorises, routes, and clears the transaction between the four parties and takes a small fee (1-2%) for doing so.

In 2019 it processed over 84bn transactions. With the world slowly moving towards a cashless society, the dependence on card-based payments will only increase presenting an enormous opportunity for MasterCard.

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