The Business Model – How does it work?

Greencoat UK Wind is a renewable energy infrastructure fund. The company deploys its capital to invest directly into onshore and offshore wind farms across the United Kingdom. Today, it has 39 farms in its portfolio with an electrical capacity of 1,244 MegaWatts. That’s roughly enough to power just under 2.5 million homes.

Under the recently unveiled ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ plan, the government are pushing for aggressive investment in wind farms to raise the country’s electrical capacity to 40 GigaWatts by 2030. That’s enough to power every home in the country. And it gives Greencoat an enormous amount of room for growth.

As a registered real-estate investment trust (REIT), Greencoat enables individuals to invest in renewable energy infrastructure directly. And at the same time, receive a sizable inflation-adjusted dividend each quarter.

Industry:Renewable Energy
Analyst:Zaven Boyrazian
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Last Updated:3rd Oct 2021
Date Added:3rd Oct 2021
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