3 growth shares that could make me rich in 2022

| February 9, 2022

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finding a new investment idea to grow a portfolio

  • Roblox is heading towards growth with its huge user base and continuously rising engagement hours.
  • Tesla’s growth is expected to continue despite the competition from new entrants.
  • The modern data platform, Snowflake, has created quiet a buzz within the cloud data warehouse sector.

Robust financial flexibility is one of the key components of growth shares. Since this attribute leads to above-average growth, I prefer to invest a huge chunk of my portfolio in growth shares.

I have previously discussed one of the best growth shares to buy under £300. But here, I will be sharing my top three growth shares for 2022, which I believe could sky-rocket my portfolio’s worth.

Gaming platform on a growth streak

Roblox (NYSE:RBLX) is one of my top picks amongst growth shares. This gaming app has earned immense popularity amongst the younger population. As a matter of fact, the pandemic led lockdown was one of the prime reasons for the huge spike in its user base.

As a result, the third-quarter earnings report published record daily active users of 47.3 million. Also, for gaming apps, engagement hours from users is very important. And it’s no surprise that a record 11.2 billion hours were spent by users, a 28% year-on-year increase.

No doubt, Roblox has become the favourite gaming platform for people of all ages. But it’s worth questioning that with the lockdown lifted and the world returning to normalcy, will the engagement hours and daily active users continue to increase? I believe the gaming app will continue to show outstanding financial performance. And the active users will continue to expand across multiple borders and different age groups.

Tesla: The exponential growth shares

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) and its founder Elon Musk are no new names within the investor community. The EV stock’s exponential growth, from $85 to $1,222 in less than two years, is a mind-blowing tale on Wall Street. At a current trading price of $923, Tesla is second on my list of growth shares.

Tesla is running at a fast pace. The company’s progress within the electric vehicle (EV) market coupled with huge customer appreciation has made it the consumer’s top choice for EVs. Moreover, the CEO’s visionary leadership is driving the company’s growth to new heights.

But investors beware. Traditional automakers, which include General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, and Toyota, are expanding within the EV territory. The competition from these automakers could likely harm Tesla’s revenues and growth margins.

I believe it is not too late to invest in this growth share. Backed by the rising demand for electric vehicles and outstanding financial performance, this EV stock will continue to rise further, in my opinion.

Snowflake: Modern data platform

Snowflake (NYSE:SNOW) is a modern data platform that offers the right balance of performance and cost. The stock opened at $120 in its IPO in September 2020. And it is currently trading at double the price. This 100% increase in stock price is more than enough to make it to my list of growth shares.

It’s worth mentioning that Warren Buffet’s investment in the company’s IPO made headlines. In fact, this is the first IPO the Oracle of Omaha has invested in since 1956! Undoubtedly, this has raised this growth shares’ investment appeal.

In addition to it, the $20m investment in ThoughtSpot, business intelligence and big data analytics platform is expected to “accelerate the development of its search and AI-based analytics software that can access and analyze cloud-based data” as per CRN.

Despite the progress towards advancement, Snowflake faces huge competition from major public cloud players, which have their own data warehousing solutions. In the face of competition, will Snowflake sustain its growth in customer base and increase product revenues? I guess time will tell.

A Monster Growth Opportunity?

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