How much higher can the Apple share price go?

October 25, 2021 0 Comments

The Apple share price is rising. Will the trillion dollar company set new records with its share price? Saima Naveed explores.

3 unstoppable growth stocks to buy now

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Growth stocks carry more risk but they can also deliver market-beating returns. Prosper Ambaka shares his three top shares to buy now.

Is the Facebook share price in trouble? Or is now the time to buy?

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The Facebook share price is down by double digits following scathing allegations from a whistleblower. Is this a buying opportunity?

Post takeover, will Morrisons share price continue to climb?

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Clayton, Dubilier & Rice took over Morrisons with a £7bn bid. Saima Naveed discusses the effect of the takeover on Morrison’s share price.

Ford Stock Price: Is it time to Buy?

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The Ford stock price has doubled in the last year. But will it continue to climb? Prosper Ambaka takes a closer look.

The THG share price just crashed! What happened?

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The THG share price collapsed yesterday as investors were unimpressed by the firm’s Ingenuity presentation. Zaven Boyrazian explores.

Will October be a good month for the Zoom share price?

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The Zoom share price has fallen by almost 23% in 2021, but is now the time to buy? Saima Naveed explores what’s in store for this business.

The FTSE 100 Index: a week in review

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The FTSE 100 rose higher but it was a volatile week. Saima Naveed explores what caused the index to swing up and down.

What are the best UK shares to buy in October?

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Typically the market underperforms in October. But this can often be a great time to buy. Prosper Ambaka share his top 2 UK shares this month.

Got $1,000? Here are two Warren Buffett stocks I’d buy today

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Looking for your next investment? Saima Naveed shares two banks stocks straight from the portfolio of legendary investor, Warren Buffett.